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 Piha Surf Boats 5401

Piha Surf Boat teams

Surf Boats at Piha 2013

Surf Boats at Whangamata 2013

Thundercat Racing Whangamata 2013 1190 

Thundercat Racing Whangamata 2013  

Thundercat Racing Mt Maunganui 2013

Thundercat Racing Piha 2013

Thundercat Racing Kariotahi 2013

    Point     8862

Castle Point

NZ Landscapes

North Island Photos

South Island Photos


Eastern Great Egret

Little Egret



More birds on the Nature Index Page


Striated Heron

Brahminy Kite/Terns


Major Awards

This section is a showcase of images that I have had major wins with. These images have won medals or cups in various competitions.

Eerie Morn

Eerie Morn: This image won the Canon Photo5 competition (a competition held throughout Australia and New Zealand) in the Practically Black section 2009.  


Auckland 3235

Auckland 3235

1st Night section Auckland Royal Easter Show 2015

 Supreme Champion of Show 2015 

Terns Triptych


Silver Medal, Open Prints Natex 2015, PSNZ annual competition



Best Portrait Print    Dunedin Festival of Photography 2013

My  Child 1569

My Child

Champion Open Prints

Dunedin Festival Of Photography 2011


Pigeon Charmer 7912

Pigeon Charmer

Honours Open Prints

Dunedin Festival Of Photography 2011


We Three

We Three

Gold Medal - 2012 Natex, PSNZ's major annual competition

Honours & Best Monochrome Projected Images.  Dunedin Festival Of Photography 2011

Gannet 7527

Champion Natural History Prints

Dunedin Festival Of Photography 2011


Indian Man 3254

Indian Man

Dunedin Festival of Photography 2010, Champion Open Prints & Best Portrait Print

1st Royal Easter Show 2011 - Digital Section

Bronze Medal, PSNZ Trans Tasman Competition 2012

Melbourne City 4433

Melbourne City

1st Royal Easter Show 2011

City Life section






In The Wave

In The Wave

1st New Brighton Photojournalism 2010

Overall Champion

2011 Natex - Honours




Filming Piha Rescue 9312


Filming Piha Rescue

3rd New Brighton Photojournalism Prints 2011



Yee Ha

Yee Ha

Best Photojournalism image in Projected Images at Natex 2010

1st= Electronic Div PJ APS 2009

Mercer MotoX 9030


Mercer MotoX

Bronze Medal Natex 2010

Bronze Medal PSNZ Trans-Tasman Competition 2011

    In    Trouble    8364

Sweepers In Trouble 8364

1st New Brighton Photojournalism 2009

1st= Electronic Div PJ APS 2009

 Wasps At Nest

Wasps At Nest

Bronze Medal Natex 2008

2nd Manukau Arts 2005


    In    Pink

Pretty In Pink

3rd Royal Easter Show 2009

Bronze Medal Nth Shore Salon 2009


Muriwai Dunes

Champion Central Region Convention 2007

2nd Royal Easter Show 2008


Remembering Mates

1st APS National 2008

1st Redlands 2009

2nd Tamar Valley 2009         



Bronze Medal Natex 2008

    Of    The    Darkness

Out Of The Darkness

1st Interiors Royal Easter Show 2007




Pied Stilt

Champ Nature Print Dunedin Festival 2006




Seasprayed Hills

Bronze Medal Natex 2007


Lost Soul

Champion Royal Easter Show 2005

Cover Camera Annual 2006


DigiImage Photos is dedicated to bringing you quality photography.  Event photography, nature photography, NZ Landscapes, Flower photos, Fireworks, Festivals, Beach photos, including surf boats and thundercat racing, and images from overseas countries are all covered in this website. We offer you stunning images for every occasion.

"To me, digital photography is a passion. I have travelled throughout New Zealand, Australia and Europe making images as I go.  I also really enjoy event photography, mainly action sports.
To me every photo is unique and tells its own story."

Shona Kebble, APSNZ

Shona Kebble.jpg

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